Success Stories

Examples of how Franco Research Group has helped clients with sampling issues:

• Discovered diary editing errors for a new digital sub-channel.

• Found our client was mistakenly listed as a network, rather than a local affiliate, hence viewing     

• Identified several new LPM installations not calibrated to receive client station.

• Have lobbied rating services to add new controls to structured prioritization for field installation.

• In 2013, Nielsen added OTA as a field control in many markets and included on the pipelines.

• Assisting w/contract negotiations, got lower rates and ancillary items as part of service.

• Made the case for rating services to increase gross sample or over-samples over the years.

• Successfully lobbied rating companies to add needed weighted controls in various markets.

• After months of the HH Size 1-2 characteristic being very imbalanced between HH Size 1 and          

• Got Nielsen to add a note into the May ’14 VIP in the Orlando DMA

        • “Users of this analysis are advised that during the May 2014 survey period Brighthouse  

credit went to the network feed not the station.

HH Size 2 and many, many calls, effective with the 2013-14 Broadcast Season, Nielsen began controlling the segments separately.

Cable commenced a digital transition in the Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne DMA which is scheduled to last until late August or early September 2014. As a result, during the period of Thursday, April 24–Thursday, May 1, not all broadcast stations were available on the Brighthouse Cable analog feed. Please contact your Nielsen representative for additional details.”